RESEARCH PROJECTS (in progress):

the sole objective of the projects is to conduct research at the frontier of the following areas on the basis of applied research so as to utilize outcomes in commercial applications in the industry.  The group has already internationally recognized position in the field, with publications in international journals, and conferences, and potential commercial products. We have joint ventures with the international research groups and industry.


       Autonomous Semantic Grid:

  1. Semantic Interoperability between Agents and Webs services ( semantic support for AgentWeb Gateway)
  2. Market-Based Agent Application using SAGE with the integration of Web-Services (Intelligent Supply Chain Management)
  3. Web Service Framework for FIPA Multi Agent Systems as a part of  SOC compliant Multi Agent System.

Multi Agent Systems:

  1. Implementation of Enhanced BDI Model for SAGE Agents
  2. Dynamic Goal Representation and Management
  3. Incorporation of Plans and  Beliefs Deliberation processes
  4. Implementation of Advanced Negotiation and Market Based Agent Interaction Protocols e.g. Auctions
  5. Mobile Agent Application utilizing SAGE mobility module
  6. Earthquake Management System using Intelligent Agents
  7. Integration of SAGELite with SAGE

       Advanced Telcom and Networks:

  1. Constella: Autonomous Network Topology Discovery, Hierarchy Generation, Visualization and MIBs.
  2. Congestion Control in 3G WCDMA system using Intelligent techniques*(
  3. Advanced IP based services: such as VoIP, Skype  services, IPTV
  4. DDoS attacks detection and prevention using Software Agents
  5. Digital map of Islamabad and GPS-Laptop based Navigation